1. Residents of the Lónyay Halls are bound by its Rules, copies of which are given to them on arrival. Breaches of these regulations are dealt with by the Head Teacher and his Deputies.
  2. 22Residents are held responsible for the proper use and protection of the furniture, fittings and equipment of the Halls as well as for the immediate report should any damage occur in them. The teacher in charge of a student group holds financial liability for any damage caused by a member of the group. Voluntary damaging actions entail 100 % liability while acts of carelessness result in a 50 % compensation for the damage incurred. The Lónyay Halls of Residence, on the other hand, hold no financial responsibility for any personal belongings should they be damaged or stolen.
  3. No alcohol, tobacco or narcotic drugs can be held in the Halls under any circumstances. It is also against the Rules to enter the building of the Halls under the influence of any of these substances. Entry to the Halls will be denied to Residents under the influence of such substances.
  4. Residents cannot keep or consume any food in their rooms. Storage and consumption of food can only take place in the dining room and the kitchen providing that the Residents clean up after themselves.11
  5. Visitors cannot be admitted in the premises of the Halls.
  6. The Halls of Residence are closed (for Lónyay students) daily between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. and on Saturdays. On Sundays the Halls open at 4 p.m. while on Fridays closing time is at 4 p.m. When the Halls are open the Residence Hall Director is in full charge of the Halls. Outside the opening hours responsibilities lie with the teacher(s) in charge of the student group.
  7. Groups of students staying at the Halls of Residence should respect the Daily Schedule that regulates the lives of Lónyay students. This involves silence during the study periods, and compliance with the rules valid after 9 p.m.

October, 2014.


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